Friday, October 4, 2013

Little Emerald Table

So this makeover was a long time coming. I'd say we had this little table for at least 10 months- and wouldn't you know in that amount of time I still didn't get a before picture! The afters aren't too great since it was pouring outside so I had to settle for the foyer to get any natural light. That's Washington for ya.

The legs were wobbly so I removed, wood glued (and added some gorilla glue for good measure) and screwed them back on. Perfectly sturdy. The top was chipped, and the legs had been chewed by a small creature- distressed was the only way to go for this piece. After priming I used Pantones Emerald Green.
Then after it dried, I ran some leftover Minwax wood stain (don't remember the name of the color but it was on the darker side) to antique the piece. 

Excuse the mess, we are moving on Halloween! New home, new decorating!

I actually love the chippy sides, it just adds character!

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