Monday, November 25, 2013

French Provincial Bedroom Set

I saw this dresser on CL and I knew it was something I wanted. 

Solid wood, Bassett brand, dovetail drawers and all hardware in tact. Yes Yes and more Yes!
I followed the lead and the owner of the dresser ALSO had the matching nightstand, vanity, and headboard/foot-board! SCORE! The whole lot was beautiful but I was nervous of the price. When I asked her how much she wanted for it all - lets just say I got it for a steal.

These little beauties turned up in the dresser when we opened a drawer! Haha! I'll be mailing them back here soon, but they did give us a chuckle when we found them!

We loaded them up and took them home. I knew I wanted to do a neutral color, but just couldn't put my finger on it. What color can you paint four pieces and have it not be overwhelming, but still not boring. 
Then while I was dropping off some furniture at the Design Cottage my husband sneakily entered me in a giveaway and I won a quart of ASCP Paris Gray! I also won a book by Annie Sloan, two other quarts of Duck Egg Blue and Old White as well as a tub of soft wax AND a wax brush! Its a big joke in my family that my husband is a good luck charm - he wins at just about everything and always gets free stuff. This only solidified that and made me grateful that he thought to write my name on that little slip of paper and toss it in the basket! This was my winnings! Minus the cute little box - which my husband desperately wanted for his tools for some reason.

The Paris Gray quart saved the day and solved my dilemma. I still have quite a bit left too which is pretty remarkable since the pieces had been stained previously and were all drippy - something I tried and tried to sand off but just couldn't - and so I used a lot of paint to try and get an even finish. There were a few bumps along the way (one of the handles snapped in two when I was removing it - it was beyond my skills so I just ordered a similar one from Etsy that I'm waiting on still), but this was one of my favorite projects so far. I was trying to find a place for them in our home actually, but my husband loaded them into this truck quickly before I could decide to keep them! He knows me too well.

Speaking of the hardware, I just dabbed on some Paris Gray and then sanded a lot of it off to give the handles some texture. 

I finally got to do a REAL photo shoot, outside, while the sun was shining!
Note the nightstand hardware - I super-glued it together and stuck it on there just for the photo.

The light was on my side today, although it does sort of wash out the color. 
Oh well I loved seeing them shine!

The cute little faux keyholes were my favorite parts! Adorable!

These pieces are available for purchase at The Design Cottage in Tacoma!

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  1. Wow! What a great refurb! I just adore you ship to Australia ;0)
    I found you via The Shabby

  2. Just a gorgeous makeover!! Thank you for sharing at Redoux! Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season. -K