Thursday, November 7, 2013

Vintage Gray Table

Whew! I am so far behind I do not know where to start! My parents came into town and we had a blast! The Space Needle restaurant was so amazing.

Then we moved a week later to a new home on base- which I LOVE more than our last! Side note- how do they get the carpet like that!?

And now The Design Cottage has their Holiday Open House this weekend so I was trying to get pieces done for that.

But let me say, being featured on Redoux Interiors made my month!

Karen is someone I followed long before starting Faded Furnishings, and she was someone who made me believe I could, in fact do it! Ok fan-girling aside, let me get back to the pieces of this week. 

I'll do 3 separate posts for each! 
1st up - Vintage Gray Side Table. I found this piece on CL for oretty cheap and it was adorable!

It was a bit wobbly on its feet and the bottom table shifted around a lot. I started by mixing up my own paint. I used Valspars Mountain Smoke and mixed with a bit of Calcium Carbonate to thicken the paint a bit. I sanded the piece a bit, primed in white (had to due to the water marks that I knew would bleed through) and got to painting! 

This is in between coats. Also a piece of trim on the drawer fell off. So I sanded the drawer, stained it (and the wayward piece of trim) with Minwax Espresso and wood glued it back on with Gorilla glue (a little goes a long way). I also did not like the hardware- BORING! I got some clear knobs from Lowes and some vintagey looking scrapbook paper from JoAnns to line the drawer. After two coats and a light sanding, I sealed the entire piece with Minwax Wax Paste. It was my first time using it and I wanted to wax everything in my house! I love the finish it leaves. 

Then I flipped it over and realized there were some screws missing that should have been holding the bottom table to the legs- so in a few screws went and voila!- no more wobble!

This piece was fun and easy and is available for sale at The Design Cottage in Tacoma.

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